Aus Liebe zu schönen Dingen und Schmuck, inspiriert von meinen mediterranen Wurzeln.

Wertvolle & qualitativ hochwertige Materialien liegen mir am Herzen und da jedes Schmuckstück einzeln und in kleinen Serien angefertigt wird, gleicht auch keines dem anderen.

Mein Atelier liegt im Herzen Wiens.

Auf Wunsch sind personalisierte Einzelstücke für Dich möglich.

At Iva´s Jewelry Box you can find a gorgeous collection with a great variety of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, body chains & rings inspired by my mediterranen roots.

Precious materials are very important to me.

A fun and creative aspect of IJB delicate jewelry is the ability to layer the gorgeous collection and its perfectly blending style.

My atelier is situated in the heart of Vienna.

If you love made to order and unique pieces, I love to craft them for you…



Available Bracelets in Online shop – Description Coming soon ….

Black Onyx Beauty


Available Earrings in Online shop – Description Coming soon ….



Available Rings in Online shop – Description Coming soon ….



Available Necklaces in Online shop – Description Coming soon ….

Atelier gelegen im Herzen Wiens ~ Atelier situated in the heart of Vienna


A mother is like a flower. Each one beautiful & unique !

This delicate bracelet is a lovely gift for every mum! The size of the charm ist 0,9 cm. A very cute detail is the slightly deeper engraved heart because there is no greater & deeper love than the love of a mother!

The material is 925 sterling silver, 18K pink or yellow gold plated (nickel-free). The thread is a very long lasting cotton-nylon mix ( thread color in the picure is „nude“ ) . You can adjust the size of the bracelet easy –  by moving the knots. 

Price: € 30,-




A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls  –  COCO CHANEL

Stunning set of pearl jewelry.

925 Sterling silver – 18k pink gold plated and freshwater pearls also available in Silver.

Necklace (45cm) €65,-

Bracelet: (15cm with extension up to 19cm) €55,-

Ring: (size 6,7,8) €40,-

Earrings: €80,-

FOR ORDERS PLEASE EMAIL TO : or PM to +43 664 4358333

KittyCat Ring

All you need is LOVE…and a CAT! 

If you are a cat lover, this super cute ring is a must!!

Material: 925 sterling silver – 18k pink gold plated

Available in sizes 53 (7) and 55 (8)  – end of November 51 (6)

Price: € 30,-

PS: The kitty ear-edges are soft & a little bit round so you won’t ruin your favorite clothes or scratch yourself.

FOR ORDERS PLEASE EMAIL TO: or PM to  +43 664 4358333


Underwater L O V E – mermaids…


Dancing in the deepest ocean – twisting in the sea…mysterious mermaids!

Riva-collection mermaid bracelets, 925 sterling silver – 18k pink gold plated.

Price: € 30,-

Other bracelets in this picture:

mini chalcedony stone (€25,-) / JET-SET-GO (€30,-) / Stella-Saphire (€55,-)

Special thanks (foto credits and model) to Eileen IG: ieleenanne

Moonstone – white summer dreams

Rainbow Moonstone – protection & growth

Extremly protective stone, especially for travelers. Uncovers Parts of the self that we know least about. Personal growth. Encourages moving into the unknown with perception! 

These gorgeous moonstone bracelets are available in different sizes. Frame – 925 sterling silver and 18k yellow or pink gold plated. You can also choose from many thread colors. A white moonstone bracelet will complete your perfect summer outfit! 

Price : starts at €25,- 



From time to time I just LOVE to treat myself with something special. Don´t you agree?

Treat yourself with a beautiful bouquet of peonies (my favorite) or a nice glass of bubbly with your girls or with a personal piece of jewelry…say thank you to yourself because you deserve it Lovelie!!!

Kisses, Iva


Stones: Topaz (blue) Chalzedony (light rosé) Citrin (yellow)

Material: 925 Sterling Silver – 18k gold plated

Price: €70,- / piece

For more details please give me a call : 0664/4358333